Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Card Camp for Friday, 5/23

Trying to keep the cards manly for all the guys in our lives. If you would like "Happy Father's Day" stamped on any of the cards, please let me know in advance. Camp is Friday, 5/23, from 6-8 p.m. in my home. Please send your order to me by Saturday, 5/10, so I can get all the goods ready in time. Always remember that supplies may change. Order form: Ship $1.50 each x ___, Tree $1.50 each x ___ (with or without greeting - see note at picture), Pheasant $1.00 each x ___, Quail $.75 each x ___, Moose $1.25 each x ___, Forever $1.00 each x ___, & Peachy $1.00 each x ___. 2014-2015 catalog $5.00 each just in case you decide you would like one. Thanks for making cards with me! Smiles, Sandra
Ship $1.50 each - supplies may vary and are limited
Tree $1.50 each - inside "A father is someone you loop up to no matter how tall you've grown." OR tell me to leave blank.
Pheasant $1.00 each
Quail $.75 each
Moose $1.25 each
Forever $1.00 each
Peachy $1.00 each

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