Monday, December 22, 2014

January 9th Stamp Camp

Hi all! Next camp is Friday, January 9th, from 6-8 p.m. RSVP date is December 31st. There are some items that are limited (I'll let you know when I send your total back) and some will vary in supplies. Here's the order form: Snowflake card & tag $2.00 each x ___, Wish card & For you box $2.00 each x ___, Hello to you $2.00 each x ___, Kindness $1.25 each x ___, birthday $1.00 each x ___, lemon $1.00 each x ___, and bird $1.00 each x ___. I look forward to visiting with you all soon! Smiles, Sandra*********************************************************** Snowflake card & tag $2.00 each
Wish card & For you box $2.00 each
Hello to you $2.00 each
Kindness $1.25 each
birthday $1.00 each
lemon $1.00 each
bird $1.00 each

Sunday, September 28, 2014

October 17th Camp Camp

Alrighty, we have a camp on the calendar! This is going to be a "limited edition" camp - all cards are stamped and ready to assemble already with the supplies I had to make them. Make sure you order asap so you don't miss out on any that you might need. I'll confirm your order with your total. Class will be Friday, Oct. 17th, from 6-8 p.m. in my home. RSVP by 10/1. Blue Merry Christmas $1.50 each x ___ Happy Halloween $1.50 each x ___ Merry & Bright $1.25 each x ___ Thanks $1.25 each x ___ Cowboy $.75 each x ___ For You OR Thank You $.75 each x ___ (do you want "for you" x ___ or "thank you" x ___) Cherry $.75 each x ___ (blank card) Love $1.25 each x ___ I'm looking forward to making cards with you again soon! Smiles, Sandra
Blue Merry Christmas $1.50 each
Happy Halloween $1.50 each
Merry & Bright $1.25 each
Thanks $1.25 each
Cowboy $.75 each
For You OR Thank You $.75 each
Cherry $.75 each
Love $1.25 each

Friday, May 16, 2014

June 27th Card Camp

New stamps to play with and new In Colors too! We are making cards featuring items from the 2014-2015 catalog for this camp on 6/27 from 6-8 p.m. at my home. Please RSVP your order to me by Friday, 5/23. We have: Gratitude $1.25 each x ___, Work of Art $1.25 each x ___, Thank You $.75 each x ___, Congrats $.75 each x ___, Heart You $.75 each x ___, Just for You $.75 each x ___ and Congratulations $.75 each x ___. Looking forward to stamping with you soon. Smiles, Sandra
Gratitude $1.25 each - paper styles may vary - "Your goodness makes me grateful" on outside and "thank you" inside.
Work of Art $1.25 each - "You are a fabulous work of art"
Thank You $.75 each x ___ and Congrats $.75 each x ___
Heart You $.75 each
Just for You $.75 each x ___ and Congratulations $.75 each (Sorry about picture, it is correct when I load it but then something in computerland takes over!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Card Camp for Friday, 5/23

Trying to keep the cards manly for all the guys in our lives. If you would like "Happy Father's Day" stamped on any of the cards, please let me know in advance. Camp is Friday, 5/23, from 6-8 p.m. in my home. Please send your order to me by Saturday, 5/10, so I can get all the goods ready in time. Always remember that supplies may change. Order form: Ship $1.50 each x ___, Tree $1.50 each x ___ (with or without greeting - see note at picture), Pheasant $1.00 each x ___, Quail $.75 each x ___, Moose $1.25 each x ___, Forever $1.00 each x ___, & Peachy $1.00 each x ___. 2014-2015 catalog $5.00 each just in case you decide you would like one. Thanks for making cards with me! Smiles, Sandra
Ship $1.50 each - supplies may vary and are limited
Tree $1.50 each - inside "A father is someone you loop up to no matter how tall you've grown." OR tell me to leave blank.
Pheasant $1.00 each
Quail $.75 each
Moose $1.25 each
Forever $1.00 each
Peachy $1.00 each

Sunday, April 13, 2014

May 2nd Card Camp

Hi! Got a few fun things for you this time around. Please note that if you would like a different greeting on any card, just let me know what you need. I'm flexible like that, just don't ask me to do yoga! We have: Peace on Earth $1.00 each x ___, Happy Holidays $1.00 x ___, Grad $1.50 x ___, 3 Dresses $3.00 x ___, and Appreciation $1.25 each x ___. Class will be from 6-8 p.m. on May 2nd. Please send your order over to me by Wednesday, April 16th. To go kits are always available if you can't make it. I apologize for my lack of photography skills... I'm hoping to become better this year. Thanks, Sandra**************************************************************
Peace on Earth $1.00 each, Happy Holidays $1.00 each, and Appreciation $1.25 each. Supplies may vary.
Grad $1.50 each - Outside "you always had the brain..." and inside "now you have the diploma! Congratulations!" - This card can also have "Yah, you!" on outside and the "Congratulations!" on the inside for ungrad events. Just let me know.
3 dress $3.00 each set - each set contains one of each of these 3 cards. Supplies may vary.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

April 11 Card Camp

Hi kids! Are you ready to play again? These items are available to order for the 4/11 (from 6-8 p.m.) card camp at my house. Card orders must be turned in by 3/28. For the Retro Fresh kit, it must be prepaid (yup, money in my hands) by March 29th (Saturday). All other items may be paid for at camp night. If you would like to order anything, but can't attend this evening, please let me know you'd like a "to go kit" and I'll put it together for you to pick up. You'll use the pictures here to put them together. Order form is: Easter $1.50 each x ___, Candy Bunny $.50 each x ___, Praying $1.50 each x ___, Deer Christmas $1.00 each x ___, Owl Christmas $1.00 each x ___, and the Retro Fresh kit that makes 36 cards $40.00 each x ___ (PREPAID BY 3/29). Thanks for making cards with me! Sandra******************************************************************************************************************************************************
Easter $1.50 each (supplies may vary)
Candy Bunny $.50 each
Praying $1.50 each
Owl Christmas $1.00 each
Deer Christmas $1.00 each
Retro Fresh Kit $40.00 each - 32 regular size cards and 4 3x3" sized cards (my boys really think these are cool)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

March 21st (Friday) Card Camp

From 6-8 pm on March 21st, these are the cards we will be assembling. The first 5 you can order and pay for at the class. The Hip Hip Hooray Kit (makes 25 cards with envelopes and you will leave with a stamp set, small ink pad, extra twine & dimensionals) will need to be prepaid by March 4th (check or cash in my hand by 3/4). Please RSVP you total order to me by March 1. As always, colors and supplies used could vary based on popularity. Here's the order form: Thank you $.75 each x ___, Happy Birthday $.75 each x ___, Bird $1.00 each x ___, World $1.00 each x ___, Heart $.75 each x ___, and Hip Hip Hooray kit $26.00 each x ___. Thanks a bunch, Sandra**********************************************************************************
Thank You $.75 each
Happy Birthday $.75 each
Bird $1.00 each
World $1.00 each
Heart $.75 each
Hip Hip Hooray kit $26.00 each