Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 20th Card Camp

Okay, I found enough stuff to do a card camp! Woohoo! So, on Friday, 9/20, from 6-8 p.m. we will be making these lovely little cards: Halloween $1.50 each x ___, Cherry $1.00 each x ___, Dog $1.00 each x ___, Cheese $1.00 each x ___, Cat $1.00 each x ___, Merry Little Christmas $1.50 each x ___, Santa $1.00 each x ___, Ribbon Christmas $1.25 each x ___, Tag Christmas $1.25 each x ___, Rhinestone Snowflake Tree $2.00 each x ___, and Christmas Greetings $1.50 each x ___. Please remember that supplies such as ribbon, embellishments, cardstock, and printed paper may be different than pictured here based on orders received (the snowflake will not be substituted however). Please send your order over to me at by Saturday, 9/7, at 5 p.m. Thanks a bunch and I'm looking forward to seeing you all again - been too long! Smiles, Sandra **********************************************************************************
Halloween Card $1.50 each - inside saying, "Have yourself a horribly happy Halloween"
Cherry $1.00 each - "sometimes life is just a bowl of cherries... and sometimes it's just the pits."
Dog $1.00 each - "you did it! now, go chase your dream... or your tail or whatever..."
Cheese $1.00 each - "age is something that doesn't count unless you're a cheese"
Cat $1.00 each - "birthday are like hairballs... the more you have the more you want to gag."
Merry Little Christmas $1.50 each - "Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas"
Santa $1.00 each - Outside: "He's making a list and checking it twice..." and inside: "Hope you're nice."
Ribbon Christmas $1.25 each - "Wishing you a very merry Christmas"
Tag Christmas $1.25 each - "wishing you a very merry Christmas"
Rhinestone Snowflake Tree $2.00 each - "May you enjoy the beauty, warmth, and memories of this special season."
Christmas Greetings $1.50 each ********************************************************************************************************** Halloween stamps (C) Waltzingmouse Stamps All other stamps are (C) Stampin' Up!

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