Thursday, January 17, 2013

February 8th (Friday) Stamp Camp

Okay, don't fall off your chairs! I actually have the next camp posted before holding the current one! Maybe 2013 is my year! :) So, the event is Friday, 2/8, from 6-8 pm at my kitchen table. Here's what we have to make: HB/TY $1.00 each x ____ (let me know which ones and quantity of each you want), Cherry $1.00 each x ___, Grad $1.00 each x ____, Birthday $1.25 each x ____, Thanks $.50 each x ____, 24-7 $1.00 each x ____, Pretty $1.50 each x ____ (you will need to be present to watercolor and glitter glue these), and Bday Ribbon $1.50 x ____. Thanks a bunch, Sandra********************************************************************************* HB/TY $1.00 each (which one and how many on your order please.)
Cherry $1.00 each
Grad $1.00 each
Birthday $1.25 each
Thanks $.50 each
24-7 $1.00 each - outside greeting says, "I'm here for you..." - inside greeting says, "Sometimes you just need to know that someone really cares (That someone is me.)"
Pretty $1.50 each
Bday Ribbon $1.50 each
Please remember supplies may vary. All images (C) Stampin' Up! 1988-2013.

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